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Terms & Conditions

1. Those in charge of the child/children are solely responsible for the control, care and safety of their child/children at all times whilst at Lets Get Messy. Lets Get Messy cannot accept any such responsibility.

2. Under no circumstance will Lets Get Messy take responsibility for loss or damages to personal possessions during a messy play session.

3. Lets Get Messy reserves the right to require anyone, child or adult, to leave if their behaviour is likely to threaten the safety or enjoyment of others. Attending adults are responsible for the safety of their child/children during each session. This includes the use of all materials and equipment and to ensure that you and your child/children behave in a way to not cause injury or abuse to other children or adults.

4.We recommend that children wear appropriate clothing for messy play as Lets Get Messy will not be liable for any stains or marks on children’s clothes.

5. Most of the materials used at Lets Get Messy are edible and non-toxic/ hypoallergenic. However, we advise that no material should be consumed. We do not accept any responsibility in the event of any accident, allergic reaction or illness found to be directly attribute from any product or item provided. It remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian in attendance for supervising the children they are accompanying.

6. Please do not attend Lets Get Messy if you or your child are ill and risk infecting others. Lets Get Messy reserves the right to request a child/adult leave the session if it is felt they are an infection risk to others. 

7. We regret we are unable to provide refunds for non-attendance.

Lets Get Messy has public liability insurance.

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